July 11, 2013


p Tetsuo Lumiere, Sergio Alejandro Palma d/w/ed Tetsuo Lumiere c Gabriela C. Chirife, Sergio Nemirovsky

 a Tetsuo Lumiere, Germán Da Silva, Natasha Ivannova, Ángeles Olleta, Luis Sosa Arroyo

It might’ve not been the best film I saw in the festival, but I’m sure that I didn’t see so much energy, passion and laughter inside a film (and the theatre in which it played) in all the festival of Buenos Aires.

And you have to applaud the festival to put something like this in the show, between other films from sacred directors, and even forgiving the fact that the film is almost 2 hours long when it was promised that it would be an hour and a half. It’s still, not a slow movie, it’s surely a long movie, it feels like that, but if it was my decission, I wouldn’t cut one frame of it, it’s just among those films that are perfect at the moment that they are, and they are at the same time the perfect thing that you need for your animosity. For that same reason, let’s kee...

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April 21, 2020

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