December 10, 2013

Back in 2004, Argentine indie filmmaker Tetsuo Lumiere released his opera prima Mi reino por un platillo volador (My Kingdom for a Flying Saucer), a most creative and original work that tells the story of a young man called Lumi, who was born in a small town with no movie theatres but nonetheless fell in love with films by watching them on TV. His favourite movie was the legendary The War of the Worlds. Lumi always dreamt of making a movie like that, only in his movie the aliens would specifically attack the city of Buenos Aires.


That’s why he moved to Buenos Aires, with no money at all. Once he started to make cheap, bizarre movies with amateur actors and sets made out of trash, there was no stopping him. But he unexpectedly learnt that he had a brain tumor and little time to live. However, he was not discouraged. On the contrary: he spent his last months making the ultimate flying saucers movie.

Tetsuo Lumiere’s dèbut film is, above all, a dark comedy in the mold of science fiction. M...

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DIVORCE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS: Watch Short Fiilm Before Things Get Out of Hand

April 21, 2020

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