DIVORCE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS: Watch Short Fiilm Before Things Get Out of Hand

How are you dealing with ... everything?

Thus begins most of my (rare) encounters with people, either through videoconferencing or in person (so to speak), with grocery store workers and my neighborhood's best chicken cook. If you are married, however, and/or have children, an entirely different set of challenges have arisen.


Sometimes, pressures can build up between couples, but the dynamic is entirely different in the midst of a pandemic. Filmmaker Tetsuo Lumiere understands this very well, as he captures a few moments of unique stress -- and clever character comedy -- in his new short film, Divorcio en Tiempos de Coronavirus (Divorce in the Time of Coronavirus).


In the film, Catalina Sofia receives alarming news, which she wants to share with her partner (Tetsuo Lumiree) as soon as he arrives home. In turn, he has some news for her as well. The tone of the film is pitch-perfect and made grouchy old me laugh, repeatedly.


We've been following Lumiere for years -- at least since 2013 -- and I'm glad to see that he's still doing what he does best. Enjoy the film below, and be sure to visit his official site for more examples of his pure creative lunacy.

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